possibility to add .vsav or .vlogs over existing ones


Could you add the option to add a vlog or vsav to an already open one?

The current system, as far as I know, is very well thought out for alternate turns, but many games allow players to take turns simultaneously, which now cannot be implemented if you do not have a player take his turn, then send it to the next player to make his own, and so on. Am I wrong or is there something I don’t know?

For example, there are games in which purchases, sales, and developments are made without other players intervening until a point is reached where everything is moved on the board and movements are made or whatever, now surely in turns.

If there was the possibility of “adding” the saved turns of each player without losing the information open at that time, these games could be easier to be played in a multiplayer e-mail environment, since each player could take his turn “simultaneously” and end up adding all the turns of the different players in the phase in which it is needed.

I do not know to what extent it is complicated, but it occurs to me that it is to save in the files only changes, and load the files without close or delete the already loaded ones.