Possible bug with Send to Location with Movement Trails

I discovered a weird issue in the latest released version ( of Empire of the Sun running on Vassal 3.6.14:

When Movement Trails are enabled, and a game piece is dragged onto the “Turn Track”, a movement trail is displayed and the “Moved” flag appears on that piece.

If that same piece is instead sent to the Turn Track via the Send to Location trait, the movement trail appears but it’s “Moved” flag does not appear. This becomes an issue because the “End of round” button on the Map toolbar, which is supposed to clear all movement trails, does NOT clear that movement trail. Looking under the hood, that cleanup button attempts to clear trails by sending the [Ctrl+M] command to all pieces with the “Moved” property set to “true”.

I conclude that the Send to Location command causes the piece to show a movement trail but does NOT set its “Moved” property.

I could fix this module behavior by changing the “End of round” implementation in the module, but I suspect that the engine might not be behaving as intended.

Note that in module Global Options, the “Send-to-Location trait generates Movement Trails” option is set to “Never”; this may be the engine area that is working incorrectly.

Note also that the “Compatibility” tab of the Module “Settings” is missing this setting which is documented in the Reference Manual:

Send To Location trait updates Movement Trails:

When checked, Send to Location traits will update Movement Trails as if a piece was manually moved.

The steps to reproduce this issue are:

  1. Launch Empire of the Sun module with Vassal 3.6.14.
  2. Start a new game offline as “Referee”.
  3. Setup the 1942 scenario.
  4. Enable Movement Trails via the “Show Movement Trails” button in the Map toolbar menu.
  5. Move any game piece on the map to a different hex, to confirm trails are working.
  6. Drag the “SW Pac HQ” piece (in the Manilla/Corregidor hex 2813) to the “May-Aug 1943, turn 3” box on the Game Turn Record Track on the left edge of the map window. A Movement Trail is shown and the Moved flag is set on the piece.
  7. Undo that move (using leftmost button on the Chat Window toolbar), then right-click on the SW Pac HQ piece and select the “Next Turn ^N” menu item (or send it the [Ctrl+N] hotkey). Piece is sent to turn 3 on the turn track via the Send to Location trait. Movement trail is shown, but the Moved flag does NOT appear.
  8. Press the “End of round” button on the Map window. All movement trails are cleared except for the one showing SW Pac HQ sent to turn track.

Jim Hunter.