Possible issue with fonts in game piece palette tabs

If I change the default font, the highlighted tab in the game piece palette reverts to what seems to be the default font. See the attached picture. This is not a new issue in 3.7.8 It was also present in 3.7.7.


  • Where are you changing the default font?
  • What’s the last version of Vassal where you see the expected behavior?

I’m changing the font in the Preference setting of the module. I use “Override default size”. So, to be precise, I’m not changing the font, I’m changing the size of the font. I checked back till version 3.6.9 and I found the same behavior. Generation 3.5 does not seem to have the same feature, as far as I can tell.

Does the problem persist after restarting Vassal?

yes. I restarted vassal several times after changing the size of the fonts.

I’ve opened an issue for the problem.

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