Post edit help and somebody thought it was a good idea to require a 15-character title

I would like to disable the prediction of what word I am going to type next.

I have checked my account Preferences. I did not see anything related to editing a post.

I have not been able to find any help for the forum itself. (I found a help page that talked about going to Profile Preferences. What it described was similar to what I see in account Preferences, but, unlike the help page I found, on this forum at this moment, I do not have an option to change Edit preferences. So I don’t ever know if disabling this predictive text would be an option.)

Can you describe what browser you are using and on what type of device? This forum doesn’t have predictive text features.

Out of desperation, I used Edge. (Desktop PC, Windows 10)
I may never have crawled through Edge’s settings. I see now that it has a predictive text option, and the toggle is set to “ON”, but it is grayed out, and is a part of a section titled “Use writing assistance”, and that toggle is set to “OFF”.

I just tried enabling “Use writing assistance” so that I could disable “use text prediction” and then disable "Use writing assistance. For all of this paragraph, there have been no suggestions.

Thank you.

The first time I started typing in this “Reply” box, I got no predictive text. As I started to say that, I started getting predictive text. So we’ll have to wait a few years to be sure it is now OFF.