Posting a Module: An original game? And with password protection?

Hi VASSAL Masters,

I have two specific questions about posting a module on the VASSAL server. Basically, I worry that I’ve violated a rule of game-designing, and I want to know if that bars me from posting my module. I was hoping to post it so that I can play with friends online, even only in a private capacity.

So first off, my module is a 100% original game, not previously published by anyone. I created it entirely on my own, developing it with friends. So I can’t site a previous publisher when posting. Is that a disqualifier for the server?

My game is fun to play with friends physically grouped around a laptop. Naturally, we’d all like to play it off the VASSAL server, especially as the weather turns colder. But I’m a little confused about the password protections. From the documentation, I believe I can set a password on a specific game so that only my friends can join our game-in-progress. But is it possible to set a password on the module itself, so that only my friends and I can download copies? Curious about the parameters…

 Thank you!

As long as you’ve given yourself permission to publish, then I imagine you’re fine. :slight_smile:

Not such that it would run as a module and therefore might not be accepted as a module upload. However, you don’t have to load a module into the VASSAL library in order to run it on the Vassal server. You could just share your module to your friends on some cloud service or email it to them.

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If we’re going to host it in the module library here, it has to be usable by anyone, so can’t be password-protected. You’re quite free to distribute your module yourself to whomever you want, though, under whatever conditions you set.

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@marktb1961 Thanks Mark, much appreciated that you took the time to write. Your insight is so valuable.

So, my impression is that if I send a copy of my module to my friend via a cloud service, he and I can play standalone games on our respective laptops. But what if we wanted to play a game online together? Is the only way to play an online game through the VASSAL server? Or is there another way? Thank you!

Most people use the Vassal server to host their online games. This is the default. In the Vassal documentation there are instructions on setting up a peer-to-peer connection but that is usually an unnecessary complication. I failed to get it working when I tried once.

As said by @uckelman there is no requirement that you upload your module to the Vassal website in order to use the module online. Nor does playing online share the module with anyone; you will need to provide the module file to your players and each will need to open it on their machine “looking for an online game”.

To start an online game:
If you have disabled the Wizard, or you are using the Editor, open your module and look for an icon like this to the left of the toolbar (unless you changed the icon to something else):

On the right of the main toolbar, you will see this panel. Click on the two arrows to connect to the server. Then click in the “New Game” box to create a room for your game.
You can now open the game.

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Online play is covered in the User’s Guide that comes with VASSAL. Look in the Help menu to open it.

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@uckelman Thanks Uckelman, If I distribute my module privately, it is still possible to play an online game with my friends? I’d assumed that you could only play online games through the server. Much appreciated!

The “publication” status of your module has no bearing on your ability to play online, real-time games with it. You can certainly play this way with a module you only distribute privately. Other people will see your game listed as in progress on the server, but without the module file itself they’ll have no way to spectate/join.

You can also play asynchronous (often called play-by-email or PBEM) games, which never involve the game server at all.

Isn’t there a peer-to-peer option? Would that require a public IP address?

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