Posting Azul game module?

Hello All:

First, thank you all supporting Vassal. A compelling platform, and interesting to start developing in it!

I have created a fully functional implementation of the tile game Azul (two players), including tower dealing, and factory tile dealing. Also deals with two-sided towers in decks, and the joker side down in dealing towers.

I built the game manually for private use with friends remotely (during Covid!) And, as a training exercise to develop a different game (Western Legends)., which I am now starting (more pieces, but less tricky problems).

I do not want to publish the Azul game publicly, since I do not have the authors permission, nor desire to seek it out. But, I would be happy to share the module with other Vassal developers to review, comment on, or otherwise observe or learn the ‘tricks’ I did to get things working!

If that is of interest to anyone, please reply and I can provide it as an attachment here, if permitted by Vassal.



hello, it is possible get from you this module?

Just saw this now - I’d be happy to try and get in touch with the Azul author, if you’d like?

Sorry for not replying earlier folks!

The game works currently, but would need a little more work to polish it up for sharing (I have been focusing on my Western Legends module, which is now public with their permission). At the moment, I only have two-players working as well, although I don’t think it would be too hard to go farther.

So… I can share it as is privately, and someone can work from there, or I can try and find time to finish it up! Message me with your email address, I can I send it along.

Contacting the makers… not yet, as it’s not ready for prime time!