Prelude to Rebellion on Mac OS

Hey there… first off, great job to “rrvs” at putting the module together. I’m having fun learning the game, but there’s some issues with it on the Mac. Latest version of Vassal app.

  1. The buttons at the top of the Pool windows overlap and are indecipherable for a new player.
  2. The “Connect to Server” button doesn’t appear to be there - I’m told “there’s a TINY button between the log replay and the module instructions” but I’m not seeing it and blindly clicking isn’t finding it
  3. The Map is not part of the main log window like I’m used to in every other module I’ve tried (dozens), so it’s a pain to resize and fit the log window and map window into one screen.

Hopefully we can see these fixed in the next update. Cheers!

What version of Vassal are you using? What version of the module? What version of MacOS?

I checked and see the same. No server controls visible.

macOS 13.2
Vassal 3.6.10
vmod 3.0


Mac OS 13.1
Vassal 3.6.10
Vmod 3.0

I suspect this is a Java bug. You might look on the Compatibility tab in Preferences for “Disable OpenGL FBOs” and try that. (You need to close and reopen the module for a change to that setting to take effect.)

The reason you can’t see that button is that it doesn’t have an icon set for it. The setting is “Server controls button icon” under Global Options in the Editor.

There is a setting for this under Main Map in the Editor. (“Include toolbar button to show/hide”)

Have you let the module’s maintainer know about these problems? You can find their contact details on the module’s page in our module library.