I’m Grégory from France aka Soft-bug,

I’m an old boardgamer now (warrior knights, Junta, Fief, Battle Masters, HeroQuest, Captain Cosmos…)… and i was recently a game leader for LOTR TMG.

Since one year now i have created my first Vassal Module for LOTR TMG.

Now I have opened my own private dedicated forum “The Vassal Project Forge” for the making of games under Vassal.

I’m currently involved in these projects:

1- Warrior Knights Module (new version by FFG of the old 1985 game)

2- To Be King : After a SOS from the Vassal Yahoo Group, i have decided to help doing my first steps in Art Design using free stuff which can be seen at :

I have also started my first Art design with the new VASSAL 3.0 Logo …

Glad to join you here …

Good to see you, Soft-bug

…and thanx for the plug on “To Be King”.

Anyone else interested in helping us on doing some art for the game, feel free to jump. There’s a lot to do before the public 1.0 release.