Prevent opponent from manipulating token

Is there any way to prevent a player from moving or otherwise manipulating his opponents game pieces? I know that I can mask them or make them invisible to the opposing side, but it seem like if he can see the piece he can move it and right-click on it to view its properties.
It seems like that should not be allowed. Maybe I’m not finding the right trait to control this.


You will need to define Player Sides and add the ‘Restricted Access’ trait to your pieces.

Ah, I do have sides, but missed the Restricted Access trait.

On a related note, I have many players some are the blue side and some are the red side. Is there a way to group all the players on a “team” so I don’t need to explicitly list each one in the trait? Rather, just say that the blue team can access this piece?

No, VASSAL as currently constituted has no way to represent teams. Participants can occupy only one defined player side at a time and player sides cannot be grouped into an umbrella “team”. You can define as many sides as you need (Red-1, Red-2, etc) and list them all in the Restricted Access trait(s), or you can try just having two sides and instructing players on a team to agree upon a single personal module password they all set on their computers. You might get away with that in an async environment, but it’s highly volatile in real-time play and I don’t recommend it, based on my experience.

That’s what I thought. The game managers want to track what player took what action, so using just two sides won’t work for us. It looks like I’ll need to continue dealing with the long list of players.