Private Window Issue

I’m not sure if you can call this a new feature or a bug.

In the game I’m working on, each player has a private window that can be accessed by their player side and another player side called (view).

I set it up this way as there are times in the game when a player can view another players hand. They would do so by switching to the (view) player side, look at the hand, and then switch back to their regular player side.

The problem occurs if the viewing player forgets to close the other player’s private window and it’s just left open. So, even though the viewing player has switched back to their own player side, they still have full view and access to the other player’s window.

Seems to me that if there’s a window open that does not belong to a specific player side and the player picks that player side, the window should automatically close.

I would vote for ‘bug.’

I’ve run into this issue when testing private windows in multi-sided games. If you open a Side A’s private window as Side A, then retire and switch to Side B with Private Window A open, you can even try to drag pieces off the window to the main map. But if you try, Vassal almost always hangs; there will be a sort of persistent ghost image of the dragged pieces. The half-drawn images will sometimes even persist after force-closing the module, in which case you need to force-close Vassal itself.