Private Windows unavailable

Hello - this question might have been asked many times already, but I am new to the module design and I cannot find my answer.

I am using VASSAL 3.5.8

When we play a live game online, I cannot get the Private windows I designated by side, to remain in the players control. If one of us changes to the other side, the other player loses control.

Let me use an example of Allies and Soviets - I am Soviets and when we start the game, I switch to the Soviet side using the Retire button. The other player still has their Private window available (it is not greyed out) but it does not activate when they click it.

Any help is appreciated!



This sounds an awful lot like you are getting caught in the buzzsaw of the blank module passwords issue. See this thread for background. Can you confirm that both you and the opponent have non-blank personal module passwords set for the module you’re using–and which module is it, by the way?

Hey Joel,

I have my own personal password, as does Scott, so I am not sure if that is the challenge. Is there a place in the programming that I can see that it is looking for the private password?

The module is my VG Fleets build. I have rebuilt all of the Victory Games Fleet games into one module based on the 5th fleet rules.

Thanks for the reply, and I look forward to hearing if you have more suggestions as to where I would look into the password issue.


No, not really. If you launched your game from a predefined setup and are able to share a link to the file with me via Dropbox or similar cloud storage, I could look at it to see if there are any blank module passwords in it (even one for someone who is/was an observer is enough to trigger this bug in 3.5.8).

In the short run, you could use the most recent 3.6.0 beta to play, as that should fix the problem (if in fact it’s this problem at the root of things).

Thanks, Joel!

I will definitely download the 3.6.0 beta and give it a look.

As for the file, I am happy to share it. I have attached our game logfile.


Douglas Joos

(Attachment 039 7th SC13 GT16 all.vlog is missing)

Thanks, Joel!

I will definitely download the 3.6.0 beta and give it a look.

As for the file, I am happy to share it. I responded via email to this post, so I am not sure if that is sent to you or not. Otherwise, I can share my Dropbox folder with the game logfile and my module.