Problem: Can't move Prototype's position in extension

Hi, guys,

I am developing a vassal module on a war game, I am planning to release an extension on the base module,
when I edit the extension, it is presumed that I add new prototypes in the original tree folder where the
base module share its prototypes(these traits are in gray when in extension edit mode), I added several prototypes
but found that when I right click on the prototype, it shows no “Move” option, which means I can’t move the
prototype and change their sequence in the tree folder, which gives me a big trouble, it seems that when you
are in extension edit mode, if there is some gray items in the tree folder, other traits including those in black
(which belongs to the extension) is frozen in sequence, no move option is available, which is inconvenient for
development, do you guys have any suggestions or will there be some updates to fix this bug?

thank you for all comments.
best regards