Problem with a card deck

Granted, I am not an expert in module creation, but I have already created some modules for my own use containing decks of cards, and they work.
Now a strange thing is happening to me: in a new module I am working on, the deck (containing 60 cards) never empties. The cards seem to recreate themselves inside the deck after they are drawn.
Any suggestions?

I’ve only seen something similar as a difficult-to-replicate bug in a much earlier version of Vassal.

It requires some pretty specific traits to make that happen on purpose, it’s not something you could have done by accident.

It’s hard to troubleshoot this without being able to see the module. Would you upload it somewhere that we can see it?

Thank you Joel, but I prefer not to display a link that everyone can use. Do you have any advice on how to do this?

Upload to Google Drive (or the file-sharing service of your choice), set the file to be shared, viewable by anyone with the link, then send the link via a private message to those who volunteer to help you troubleshoot.

Thank you JR. I think I need an email address of the person who will help me: mine is If someone volunteers, they can send it to me there.