Problem with adding 2 new decks

Hi all, please i need some help
I try to edit a module (heroquest) to play better with my friends. I just added 2 more decks like expansion
I coppied the origina deckl and paste the 2 news and i changed parameters
It works fine when i draw cards but when i discard or return a card to deck (from news decks), the card return to the original deck
any help?

You are going to have to dig a lot deeper into Vassal development than that. Simple cut & paste will rarely be enough.

You will need to edit the cards in each Deck and see what Prototypes they use. One of the Prototypes will include a ‘Return To Deck’ trait that is specifying which Deck the card should return to. You will need to create a new prototype for the cards in the second Deck that return them to that new Deck and then change the prototype in every card in the Deck.