Problem with Startup Global Key Command

I made module of card game where at start are activated several Startup Global Key Commands which move cards from deck to other deck and from decks to places on board. Everything is fine… but only for user which start the game. Every other user (even if I start game and then I’ll change my password in Preferences) can’t discard these cards moved by Startup Global Key Commands. There is no card owners in this module, or at least I hope I configured it like that. Options under right-click except of unmask card for not-starting users disappeared. All cards traits back to normal when card is unmasked. Until then not-starting users can move cards on board but they can’t move cards to any deck. I don’t know if miss some configuration or is it bug?
I use Vassal 3.4.2 and 3.4.6 on Windows 7 and 10.

Brent is the expert on this masking stuff, but I think if you go to Global Options in the Editor (it is one of the early options in the editor’s “tree”), and double-click on it to open its properties, there will be an option at the top about “Allow non-owners to unmask pieces”. Change that to “Always”. That should fix your problem (although if you are using “Predefined Setups” that i.e. i.e. use save files to start the game position, you may need to re-make those).


Thank you for reply Brian. :slight_smile:
I’m not using “Pre-defined Setup”. “Allow non-owners to unmask pieces” is set to “Always” and only it works the way I want. Anyone can mask and unmask cards (of course only these with that option), but it is the only card trait possible for non-owners. Unmasking card unlock other traits, but I want to be able to operate masked cards.

I think that problem is with Mask trait. Cards without that trait are able to manipulate by any player. Only cards with defined Mask trait are not behave properly. I made video to show what I mean.

I think this is just how vassal works.

The mask trait has an option “Can be masked by” which is not the same as “can be un-masked by”. Only the owner (the one who masked a piece) can un-mask it.

I’ve struggled with this too, but I didn’t find any good solution.

Eventually I used a layer instead a mask, with “restrict command” and some properties here and there… worked more or less right but the owned couldn’t “peek” the pieces, and finally I decided against automated setup.

If you want traits that are available to ALL players, EVEN when the card is masked, then put those traits BELOW the Mask trait in the list of traits. Any trait that is below the Mask trait will be visible and available regardless of whether the card is masked.


Yes, but “peek” is part of the Mask trait, cannot be placed below or above it.

I’ve run into this problem of only one player (the last one to “touch” it) being able to peek at a card/tile. The developer of the Merchant of Venus module found a work-around for this problem–when you try to peek at a tile, it flips it twice (which isn’t visible to any player–at least in a online game; I’m not sure about PBEM–but transfers “ownership” to the new player), then peeks.

I copied that mechanism and refined it a bit (so the non-functional Peek command no longer appears on the menu) for the latest version of Carcassonne: The Castle. Take a look at the BonusTile prototype here: … e.2.0.vmod

The important traits are Mask and Trigger Action - grab ownership…

I see no reason why the double-flip technique wouldn’t work to allow other commands besides peeking to work, also.