Problem with Window Size Management

Vassal : 3.0.17
System : Windows Xp

A strange thing happen that i can’t explain for a module and not for others :

When i open a module all is ok, then i hit the server connection button and the screen sizing takes all space available …

The problem is impossible to solve into the EDITOR modue, because even if i resize myslef the screen … always the same problem in play mode ?

Finally the problem is for new users who do not know that the MAIN BOARD is masked … thinking about a problem.

I join a capture … but i do not know how to solve it …


Using the 3.1 beta3 in play mode shows me the same results … :frowning:


Can someone tell me how to do ? impossible to found anything about it .

Thank you in advance …

Thus spake “soft-bug”:

I don’t know why this is happening for you. It doesn’t happen for me on
Linux or on Windows XP.


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