problems RPGmapper2.23 extension on DDM2

Hi I’m completely new to vassal and I’ve been trying to use the DDM2 with the rpgmapper2.23 to play a D&D game online. I’ve got it set up fine with the extension loaded correctly but am having problems with the player sides. I read in another forum that the rpgmapper2.23 breaks the sides of ddm2 so player1, player2 and observers can place and move units/tiles, but we can’t get this to work. Only player one and two can move units leaving the observer unable to participate? Is something wrong? Having only two players who can move units in a RPG mod seems silly to me.

I do not know whether it is considered polite to advertise so shamelessly :slight_smile: one’s modules, but I created RPG Tactical module because I encountered the very same issues. It is basically a rewrite of ddm2 its rpgmapper2.23 extension that lets a single player (namely, the dungeon master) control every scenario tile, while the other players are allowed to control units and templates.

You can find it here: … ule_id=776

Of course, any form of criticism is welcome.

Thank you for the help, your module is perfect for what we want to do :smiley: .