Problems uploading Vassal modules to Vassal website

Why is it sometimes so hard to get a module to upload to the Vassal website? Are there rules and/or restrictions that govern this in some way? I know file size is an issue, but I’m well under that (10MB). In fact, the module I’m trying to upload (Arctic Storm v1.3) is simply an update of the previous version with no change in file size to speak of.

No matter what I try, I cannot get the module to upload. I even deleted the old module before trying to upload the new version.

Help please.

I tried using FireFox 2.x instead of IE7.x and the upload worked just fine.

In regards to IE7.x, I have seen similar behavior on my laptop and my desktop at home when trying to upload to Vassal’s website. Clearing the temp files, forms, cookies, etc. did not seem to have a positive effect on IE7.x, nor did restarting the browser or the rebooting the OS (XP SP3).