Problems with Recent News Submissions

I'd like to bring up a few problems that I've encountered lately while editing the news submissions.

When submitting your news article, I need to make sure I now what the module is and where it is so that is can be properly linked. Quite often submitters will say that "Little Module" has been updated but they won't tell me that "Little Module" is actually an extension of "Big Module" so I have to spend time looking for it. In fact, I currently have a news submission for Star Wars Sudden Death and I can't find it anywhere.

The second problem is improper formatting. When you create a module page, make sure to precede the name of the page with "Module:" or it will not appear in the module listing. For example "Module:Neat_Game", not just "Neat_Game". Without the "Module:" tag, us editors have to spend time making corrections which will delay the posting of your news article.

I may re-post this article from time to time as needed.

--Dr. N