Problems with 'This Accursed Civil War'

OS = WinXP
Vassal = v3.1.4
Java = v6 update 13

There is an error message appearing for all the modules in this series. It reads “Bad Data in Module. Error reading imagescandata.txt”. However, everything seems in place on the maps etc.
I have checked the files on this site against those on GMT’s site and they are identical, and produce the same errors.

I would be extremely for any advise etc.

Yours hopefully,
Ron the Cabbie

P.s. This error is not repeated in the other modules of the ‘Musket and Pike’ series, which appear to have been updated.


This is an error in the module. You will need to contact the module creator, Knut Grunitz, and ask him to fix them.

Specifically, in the ArtilleryR and ArtilleryP prototypes, Disabled/Captured layer, the level 1 image is set to be a text file named ‘systemscandata.txt’. I think it is intended to be a null image. It looks like this error was included in the first module which was then copied to all the others. Deleting and recreating these layer traits should fix the problem.

Vassal 3.1 has more detailed error checking and reporting - this error was there in 3.0 also, but was ignored. The error does not affect play at all, you can just ignore it.

Another issue I notice is that the developer has refreshed the images in these modules manually and has copied a large system file ‘Thumbs.db’ into each module. These can be removed and will reduce the size of each module by 25%.


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Many thanks for the reply Brent. I shall ignore the error and continue playing.