Property matching

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I have a piece sending a global key command to remote pieces (in a piece prototype) piece with matching Marker key.
Local Property Formation = 10Div (same for remote piece.)
Global Key Commnd’s Matching Property = {Formation==$Formation$}

The remote piece gets the command and acts on it correctly, problem is all the other Formations (not equal to 10Div) also get the command and act or it?

The “Matching Property” of a GKC is resolved using the properties of the Piece that receives it, not the Piece that sends it. So both sides of your comparison are actually using the target piece’s formation.

One way to get around this is, before sending the GKC, set a Global property to the value of the piece you want to search for (e.g. set “SearchFormation” to be “10Div”), and then have your Matching Property compare Formation to SearchFormation if you see what I mean.

Yeah I guess that can work. Maybe I’ll have to think on it.
I’m displaying the setting as well and there are many many Divs.
So the displays all get messed up.
This type of variable comparison is a must. It’s either a vassal bug or serious oversite.