Property Sheet enhancements

I’m sure that this would be a fairly low priority enhancement, but here goes anyways.

Why not make it so that you can control how many entires span a row (instead of just one per row - making a very long property sheet if you have lots of entries). It would be a good idea to separate the name of the property from the label of the property. Adding HTML codes to the labels (ie: bold, or center) would be a nice improvement, too :slight_smile:

I’ll add my $0.02 (canadian?)… the following are all related in a way.

It would be nice if properties in property sheets could also map to dynamic properties. I already thought this might work with the static property type “label only” using syntax like $propertyname$ but it doesn’t.

From a software design perspective, property sheets are a view of a model (a la MVC) and so it’s cool if you can have more than one view of the same model elements (properties). This already works to some degree in VASSAL with labels, messages and such. Property sheets rock because everything is in one handy place, so it’d be cool to be able to have other properties linked there.

Finally, I’d like to see a way to initialize property sheet values from a Piece that imports the property sheet from a Prototype. Unfortunately, it seems the only way to initialize values in property sheets is in the prototype itself, which makes them less “reusable” (i.e. one initialization does not fit all Pieces that use that prototype).

Another feature that is needed is reporting at least that properties have changed. The Report Action on a piece doesn’t work since it is fired before any properties are changed.

Is your Report Action trait before or after the Property Sheet trait? Try it the opposite of how you have it now.


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Doesn’t matter which order. I finally got into the code and found that the Trigger Action fires all actions. Labels only work because to displays a showinputdialog which suspends execution. The Property sheet is a window that is set visible. Thus there is no suspension of the event. It finishes all the actions and returns. At some point later the Property window is closed and the information is committed (if using that option)

I have looked and I don’t see any other way other than to add a format string to the property sheet the fires when the contents are saved either each keystroke or apply or exit.

Oh in the process I found that labels on the figure which are associated with the properties are not properly updated display. At least until the figure is redrawn.

Since im in this code does it make sense to add these features?