Proposal to Move Wiki Pages to the Forum


Move the pages in the wiki which are still useful into the forum as wiki posts.


The frontend for the Game Library Service I’ve been working on will soon replace the module pages in our wiki. Discourse has “wiki posts”, which are what they sound like: posts which act like wiki pages, which are editable by anybody with a sufficient trust level. This has made me wonder if we still need the wiki at all.

Here is some information about wiki posts:


I see several advantages that using wiki posts in the forum have over continuing with the wiki:

  • People are already familiar with Markdown from Discourse
  • We get to use Discourse’s moderation system for wiki pages
  • We can retire the wiki

I’d appreciate having people’s thoughts on this.

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Would the transferred Wiki Pages retain some sort of navigation tree structure or menu similar to the existing Wiki?

If someone produced a Table of Contents for them, yes. (That’s no different from the completely unmaintained one we have in the wiki now.)