Prototype Drop-Down List

Here is what I’d like to see…

When creating a counter piece and selecting the prototype trait you have to type in the name of the prototype that you want to use. If you have many different prototypes this can result in spelling errors (which will mean no prototype is applied to the counter) or a good memory as to what prototypes have already been defined etc.

It would be very useful if, when you select the Prototype trait, there was a drop-down list of the prototypes already defined from which you could simply click on one of them and it would automatically be entered as the prototype trait for that counter?

I believe this feature is already in the works as I’ve seen discussions of it in the past. Here’s a previous thread.


In the meantime, you may consider what I generally do in that I open the prototype I want, copy the name and then paste it where I need it. It’s a bit of a hassle but doing as much copying and pasting as possible will certainly reduce any typos that my occur.

Thanks Doc.

I have used the Copy&Paste method which is a fast way of doing it :slight_smile: