Pulling Unit from Stack Problem

This is VASSAL problem I have on my laptop when playing in any module: when I spread out a stack a units and pull the top unit off the stack and move to another hex, when it I place in the hex, it flies away to point on the map that is as if it is spread out on the stack of units it starts with in relation to the new hex where I want it. Also, moving a stack of units. the stack will not center on a hex properly unless I precisely move the stack and place it by centering the lowest unit in the stack.

This is on a laptop running Windows 11, x64, 8 GB RAM. Virtual memory 13 GB
VASSAL 3.6.3
Java 8 update 311
primarily use VASL but this occurs on other modules as well, I first noticed it on the Air & Armor module we use for playtesting (this is not publicly available)

Note: I use the same exact VASSAL/VASL set up on my older desktop and this does not happen.

Update: After writing this I did a test. This is occurring when I use the laptop with large screen TV and I put VASSAL on the large screen, but it does not occur on the laptop when not connected to the large screen TV and using VASSAL on the laptops screen. Is there some kins of setting i need to set for use of the large TV?

I can’t offer anything on your problem, but be advised that if you are running VASSAL 3.6.x, it is using its own self-contained Java executable (should be Java 17), and not whatever overall system Java you have installed.

Problem solved by simply making sure the Override Native Drag-and-Drop box is checked.

It probably is running the correct Java. i checked Java version by checking the Java that is on the computer as a separate program.