Quarriors Module

Hello everyone, I have successfully installed the Quarriors module into my Vassal. But now I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play the game (I own the actual game so I know the rules, I mean I can’t get it to play through Vassal)!

Here’s my problem: I choose to be Player 1, but when I open the P1 map and click ‘draw+roll’ button, nothing happens. Am I missing something? I make the assumption that the dice bag area (which says 12) will be reduced to 6 and 6 dice should be showing in my active pool.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Did you push the ‘Setup’ button first, so that it lays out all the Basic, Spell, and Creature cards?

Hey eb, thanks for the reply. Yes I did hit the setup button before doing anything else, but I’m still not able to draw any dice out of my bag. Since everyone is supposed to start with some quiddity dice and assistant dice, I would expect to see these two types of dice in my active pool after clicking the “Draw + roll” button. Are you able to get that draw and roll to work? What am I missing? Thanks in advance for the help!