Quebec 1759 anyone?

Anybody up for a game of Quebec 1759? I’d prefer PBEM, but could schedule a live game as well (weekend or evening, PST).

I am new to the game, but I’ve read the rules closely, and watched a couple of instructional videos.

(I’m also new to Vassal, btw. Any tips on how to get some games started would be appreciated. I’ve posted and replied to some other threads in this forum, but no takers so far. Maybe I’m just choosing games that aren’t popular enough: Quebec 1759 and Sekigahara. I’d also be glad to play some simple games as a way to get started on Vassal: Battle Line or Lost Cities, for example.)

Feel free to reply here or PM me.


Try these places for opponents as well

I have picked up some opponents at those places.


I’m interested in a PBEM of Quebec 1759. Shoot me a PM…

Would like to play. Let me know when and we can set it up

Howdy. I did get in a full game of Quebec 1759 via Vassal/PBEM. Actually, I found that that game doesn’t really lend itself to PBEM play all that well, because of all the back-and-forth on the dice rolling, etc. It’s a little hard to keep the momentum going.

The game I have been playing a lot of on Vassal/PBEM, though, is Pax Porfiriana: … porfiriana

I you want to get into a game of that, let me know. I have one other first-time player who wants to start a game in about a week. Just PM me here or on BGG.

btw, there is a BGG page (geeklist) each month for Vassal pickup games. I have found this very useful. The August one is here: … -august-20