Question about Send to Location & Total pieces in hand

Hello, have these question:

  1. I’m using the Send to Location trait to send 5 cards in a player hand and cards goes to hand…but in the same place, stacked, is possible to send them in different position?

  2. Have read the “Totalling the Number of Pieces on a Map” guide at page 52 of the Module Designer Guide but i’m not able to let it work.
    Is there someone that can explain me, step by step, how and what I have to do to have on the Main Board something that show the number of cards in players hands?

Thanks !!!

Are you using a Private Window for each player or a Player Hand for each player. If you use a Player Hand, the cards will deal out from left to right by default …unless you have a setting that’s preventing that.

As far as your other question, I’ll let someone who may have already effectively done this to answer it rather than me trying to come up with an untested theoretical process off the top of my head.

Thanks DrNostromo,
i’m using a Player Hand for each player, what is the setting that prevent cards from deal out from left to right?
Probably you’re right and i just have to turn it off.

Basically you want to create a region point (Irregular Grid) where you want the first card to be placed and then create a prototype for your cards with the Send to Location trait sending the cards to that region point. The first one should be dealt to the region point and all subsequent cards should deal to the right.

I’ll try to be more clear but I’m not very good with english, I’ll do my best…

i’m working on a cards game where players draw a 1st hand of 5 cards and during the game they draw single card from theyr deck.
During the game is not a problem if cards goes in same place, player draw one card and move it in another place in his hand and so on.

I would like to have the 5 cards of the 1st hand to not stack, not one over the other.

To have the 5 cards goes in player hand i have set a Deck Global Command that affect 5 cards, then on each cards have the Send to Location trait where i’ve select Map and Board and the x & y positions.
Under the x & y positions there are the Advanced Options where I tried to put an X Offset = 150 and time = 5 but nothing changed.

Many thanks

They do have to stack in a player hand to deal properly and using an X and Y coordinate is not going to work. Here’s how to set it up:

Player 1 Hand [Map Window]
[Stacking Options] - Do NOT Disable Stacking

[Map Boards] → Player 1 Board [Board] → [Irregular Grid] → Deal_Drop [Region]

This region should be the center point of the first card you want to deal in the hand.

Prototype on cards - CardControl

Send to Location
Keyboard Command - Whatever you’re using to trigger the action
Destination - Region on select Map
Map - Player 1 Hand
Region Name - Deal_Drop

Make sure the cards do NOT have a “Does not Stack” trait.

This should work. If not, I’ll make a sample mod.

Many thanks, I’ll try as soon as possible and be back to you ;)

I also have news about the count for Cards in Players Hand :slight_smile:

All my cards count for 1 and have a Prototype Definition = Card where have set a Marker “Cardcount” with value 1, then have set a Game Piece Inventory Windows called “Cards in Player Hand” that show only pieces that match with this
and in Label for Folders i have
$CurrentMap$ = $sum_Cardcount$

It works very well with HandP2 and Hand P1 (Player Hand for the game with no deck or zone or others) but…
in Zoneg1 and Zone g2 (always Player Hand) I’ve set 4 deck (2 for zone) for the need of the game and the Game Piece Inventory count them in the sum of Cardcount…
at start of the game with no deck loaded or cards in any zone if I select the “Cards in Player Hand” button it show Zoneg1 = 2 and Zoneg2 = 2

Any help?? :slight_smile:

Yeah, you need to add a Marker “Cardcount” with a value of 0 to any pieces that might also be in the player hand window (even if they’re invisible).

Anything that doesn’t have the Cardcount marker trait at all will still add 1 to your count. It’s kind of illogical and obnoxious, but that’s what is happening.

Many thanks, now it works perfectly :smiley:

Many thanks to MrNostromo too, the Region in the player hand works very well :smiley: