Question: How do I make a module?

Alright so I have everything I need, cards, models, map, everything, how do I make a module? the youtube tutorials didn’t help much…

By the way, everything is my own, I’m making a completely new module(to let you know I’m NOT stealing from anyone)

If you’re talking about Joel Toppen’s tutorial series on YouTube… if they didn’t help you much, I’d sure like to know why not. I found them instrumental in getting started building modules.

But, still, let’s try to get you started. You have a physical game in hand… is this game DIGITIZED? By that I mean, do you have scanned copies of all the physical components? Map, cards, charts, anything you want to appear in the module? If not, do you have access to a scanner and at least one professional-grade image editing software (e.g., Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, GIMP, etc.?) You pretty much have to have these to digitize your physical game.

Let’s sort that out before going further…

Yes, I have it all on my pc, ready for going out, and yes it was his tutorials, it felt incomplete, I have and I can get GIMP.