Questions on uploading

I have made some modifications to an existing module. I emailed the person listed as the contributor and he had no idea the module was being credited to him as the contributor.

If I want to upload my modified version how do I get it into the correct place without replacing the existing one? And should I even do this if the person listed as contributor wasn’t the person who uploaded the original file?


If the contributor has no idea why he is being credited - i would ask them why or try to find out who is…this doesnt answer you question though! :slight_smile:

In essence. you upload to same page - make sure your module file name is unique (i.e not the same as what is there). You modify the page to show your version

Here is an example:

Module page before: … ldid=37545

and after when someone else contributes:

the difference is subtle, but dont worry if you dont get formatting/setup right. we will fix it for you if necessary

Thanks for the info. I will give that a try.