Quick newbie question about WiF

I’m just wondering about reserves. Do you have to pick each out manualy from the “counters” section or is there another way of doing it?
I’m playing Barbarossa solo and have noticed that some res units are in the german force pool but none are in the soviet.


Looks like you have to pull them out of the counter tray and dump them on the Production Circle.

I guess the German reserves are in the Force Pool because they have already been called out for setup. But the USSR player will have to wait until next turn to get them added to her force pool, she doesn’t get them as part of her setup.

Actually it appears there are only three USSR Reserves in the manifest:

22nd INF
Vladivostok MIL

Strange. According to my rulebook (WIFFE) there should be 13 reserves. I think it’s mentioned in the designers notes section or whatever it’s called. I should think it though for the russians to manage without. I can’t check with my game copy either because I lost all the pieces while moving… :frowning:

I had a look a the counter-sheets, only 3 Russian counters have “Res” on the reverse side. The rules do mention keeping reserves (in the designer’s notes) but they’re referring to the generic use of the word “reserves”, not counters with “Res” on the back.

The full counter manifest is in this Excel sheet.

From the rules:

It’s actually a part from the player’s notes in the setup section for Barbarossa I’m thinking of, not designer’s notes:

“Eventually, the horrific May/June turn will come to an end. Your reinforcements in Jul/Aug will exceed 20 units (13 reserves, 4 from setup & 7 militia) giving you a huge draft of fresh troops.”

If the counters with "res " on the back are not these reinforcements then what are? Should I just pick some random INF units? I can’t find any mention of it in the rules, but then again they are quite confusing…

Thanks for the help by the way, I really appreciate it.


I think I’ve got it now. The reserves they are talking about in the designers notes are the ones with “res” on the back and the ones with “GE” on the back i.e. the reserves called up in case of war with Germany. According to that nifty pdf you sent me that makes for 13 reserves + all the militia pieces which if I understand correctly, can be called out as reserves in their respective cities. But I guess I still have to sort them out manually from the counters section in Vassal, just like I would in real life :slight_smile:

edit: it seems I have to build MIL in the same way as other units so I guess the numbers in the player’s notes don’t match the actual number in the game. I’m thinking that maybe they’ve taken into account all the counters from the expansions, which if i remember correctly have more militia and more “res”. I’m only playing with classic so as to minimize all the stuff I have to learn at once :slight_smile: