Race for the galaxy in english?

I need module to Vassal Races of the galaxy in English. It on vassalengine.org is only in French. Whether somebody has the version in English and could add this module to the list, or send me to the e-mail?

Sorry for my english! I hope you understand, I’m from Poland.

P.S.Please. I realy need english module. And i don’t know French.

You can create an English version yourself by editing the module and adding a translation. Some text will be obvious, especially if you know the game. If you own a copy of it, it should be simple.

You can also use Google as a start to translate the text, and post to the forum for assistance with difficult terms. There are quite a few french speaking people who listen in to the forums. Once you have completed the translation, pass it on to the module designer and they can include it into the main module for general release.

If you sit back and wait for someone to do it for you, who knows how long it will take?


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