Race for the Galaxy (RFTG) Question

My friend and I are trying to play v5.0 of RTFG, which looks awesome, and seems to work very well apart from one difficulty: we seem to be locked into solo play mode.

Every card we reveal is seen by both of us. And when one of us changes player color, it seems to change both of us over to the other color.

Is there some kind of switch that needs to be pressed to disengage single-player mode?



There is no locked mode … In this Game Module Players can only see cards drawn by their side until revealed to all players.

Then … THe solo mode is granted to all but do you not have to change side before playing solitaire mode.

If more than one player wnat to see … try to get all cards revealed before acting …

I hope it helps you …




I’m the friend in Fesselent’s post above. Thanks for the response! It might be useful if I describe what we’re trying to do since this is our first time in Vassal and we might be doing it wrong.

We read through the getting started guide, joined the main server room, then created a private room that we both joined. At that point, one of us clicks File->New Game and selects a side, e.g. Rouge. After a few seconds, we see something like “joining the game” and then both of us enter the game. The problem is that at that point, we are both the same side. Even if one of the players clicks Abandonner and changes sides to Vert, then both of us switch to that color. We can see that since all of the cards seem to change for both of us and when we type into the chat channel, the text Joueur Vert appears in parentheses next to both of our text.

I think we’re probably just missing a step somewhere along the way.

RftG looks awesome though!


Player sides are tied to a players password.
If you both see the same things / can only access one side, then your
passwords are the same. One of you needs to change their password in the

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That must be it. Thanks so much. We were tearing our hair out!

You’re a genius. Franzel and I often use the same password for gaming.