Raid on St. Nazaire Questions

Just starting through my first play of Raid on St Nazaire and have some observations and questions for the module’s author.

I believe Area 222 should have a second Flak gun.

How do I indicate a boat has launched its torpedoes on the game log?

How do I consolidate units? For example, two 4 strength Stoss units must consolidate at the end of the turn. I could not find a way to create an 8 strength remnant.

Anyway, this is an awseome module. Thanks for creating it!

I found the same problem with the second gun in 222. The unit, 222A appears to be missing from the counter mix. It looks like no one’s addressed this in two years, so I’m going to learn how to program these modules and fix it.

Dont know if anyone still is using this or cares but I fixed the above problem and am quite happy to share

On Boardgame Geek there are Historically correct counters and a Game Log which you can use to modify the vassal file.
Just a heads up though, the Fenton Boat counter has an error on it (random boat number).

To mark off the Torpedo simply check off the box with the T in it.

Only 2 German units per area whose total Strength is < to 6 may be combined provided there are no Commandos in their area