RAN vassal module...

Completely new to this ( actually not really, I played a WiF game about 2 years ago using Vassal ). I just bought RAN from GMT games, and I had seen on boardgame geek that someone made a Vassal module (boardgamegeek.com/image/294727). So I wanted to try it. If I can’t seem to find it in the module page does it mean the person who developed it didn’t make it public???

SO anyone as this module???



PS. On BGG forum in RAN section is Vassal topic - there is lint to module.

Wow that was quick!!!

Thanks alot… I’ll install this tonigh… I’d like to play a game soon… So if you’d mind playing against me PBEM by preference, i’d be really happy :smiley:

Otherwise I’ll post in opponent finder ( what with beeing 25 years old and living in a town with only 100,000 citizens… I mean how could I find any wargamers!!! )

Thanks again