Randomized Board Layout?


I just came across Vassal and first I would like to say it seems like an amazing engine and thank you to everyone involved for its creation and open-source availability. =)

On to my question…

I have a deck of 100 cards and I would like to randomly place these cards at the start of a game on a board consisting of a 10x10 grid. Is this possible to do with the vassal engine?

* I am new to the vassal engine so please excuse me if this question is very noobish. I have been reading over the documentation and have not been able to achieve this (unless I need to create a custom class or something?). *

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Sure, it’s possible. In a game I’ve been working on for …well, forever. I have 3 maps where the terrain on all 3 are created randomly. Dealing cards out to a map in a 10x10 grid should be pretty simple. What you’ll want to do, though is use a zone grid - with each zone being a card placement - or an irregular grid - with the center point of each card placement as a region point.

Attached is a sample mod that deals out 25 cards in a grid pattern. You can probably figure it from that.

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply, I will look at this right now. =)

Hi, I am trying to do something like this, but I also need my tiles to randomly rotate, I have them set up with a rotate feature, is it possible to add a random rotation to the random dealing?

I’d like to know that too.

I figured it out, I will take a look at my module and see how I did it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Easiest way is to have the Map properties send a command to any piece that moves to that map. Then put a trigger on each piece to rotate randomly when they hit the map. If you don’t want them to randomly rotate every time they move on the map, have the trigger also set a “lock” dynamic property set to 0 and have it set to 1 when it hits the map. Then have the piece trigger a random location only when the lock = 0


I just found this posting and am interested in this topic. You said that you had an attached sample mod in this post, but no matter where I look I can’t seem to find it. Was it removed or…I don’t know. help would be appreciated

This discussion took place 8 years ago so I can see why the attachment is no longer here. Later today, I’ll crank up my old XP computer and dig around in the archives and see if I can find it. Stay tuned.

Ok. How do I post an attachment to the forum. It won’t let me post a .VMOD or a .ZIP and when I tried a direct download link to the file on my website, it doesn’t work.

Go ahead and send me an E-mail to…


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