Re-occuring Monday Night "Betrayal At House On The Hill"

I’m hoping to have at least two others (or more) that are up for playing at least a round or two of BAHOTH (or any other game). I’m burnt out on the MMORGs grind and want something different.

I’m looking for a playgroup but I am totally up for games of betrayal at house on the hill and I am free Monday nights usually after 6PM Eastern time

Hi everyone. :smiley: I am fairly new to Vassal but have played BaHotH many times.
I am in the process of finishing my first Betrayal at House on the Hill session with family and friends and I wanted to start another campaign with people I don’t know yet. I have a bit of a concern playing live though. It works better for me to play when I have free time and that free time is always different. In the recent campaign I mentioned, we played without the use of the server and just took our turns whenever it was convenient for us. We passed along the Vlogs using dropbox or email and relied on the honor system. Since I hosted the game and pretty much taught everyone else how to use Vassal, I was responsible for concatenating the files and sending out the most recent vlog along with an update email to the next player. It’s taken us 5 months so far but soon we will have managed to finish a 4 player game and we all our having a great time. I’m sure that length could have at least been cut in half if we all knew how to use Vassal.
I think the BaHotH module 2.0 has some built in security settings if anyone is worried about cheating. I could see how that would be a concern with playing via Vlog passing (though I can’t see players who love BaHotH even wanting to cheat). Players can’t take items or move other players pieces but they could redo trait rolls and such. Anyways, any chance of accepting me as a player using this format? It’s slower but allows all involved to take their turns conveniently and the chat option is more than adequate for getting to know the other players. If not, I can try to make time on Monday nights or some other day that works for everyone but I prefer playing the email/DB way.
Either way, excited to play another campaign and maybe make some new friends.
Please let me know, thanks!

Hmm. I’m willing to learn how to use vlogs. I’ve had two nights of being able to play back to back, but that has been about it on Vassal. PM me if you want to chat about this more.