Real-time Twixt

Please let’s play in real time! I live on New York time but my schedule is flexible. The module provides lots of options such as handicapping for example. I have some experience. On Little Golem I am David J. Bush. That’s where I play my turn-based Twixt. I would be glad to try to answer any questions you have.

Hey David,

I’d be interested in playing Twixt. I haven’t used Little Golem though. I’m in EST.


Great! I recommend you take a look at the Twixt module 1.2 There are lots of boards available. Most of them are for row handicapping. There are different size grids, and “diagonal” variants. “Guide Lines” or GL means I added some lines to the board, to serve as a visual aid. You may find them more distracting than helpful. You could just choose what board you would like to try, and when is a good time for you. I’m on the Discord as Jonathan Bush if you want to chat.


I have 1.2, so I’m all set. I have some time later tonight (after 7 PM), or tomorrow pretty much anytime.

I am on Discord as – amusing title#1802


Very good, I will be there close to 7. BTW I welcome feedback on the module.

I have a room “play_Twixt” on Vassal.

all set and have jpoined the room