Recent Updates Broke Turn Tracker Lists

I’m troubleshooting the some problems reported by players of Midway’64 using the most recent engine updates. It seems the TurnTracker lists of turn phases no longer seem to take a number (0500) in as a string. I’ve tried to do comparisons with it in quotes and without quotes without success…until …I added an asterisk into the turn-phase list names. If I do this, I can then use the name again in a property comparison expression. My belief is that the name is recognized as a string when I include a non-numeric character. But, if I leave it as a number (ie 0500) it gets stored as a number of some kind and my comparisons fail due to maybe mismatched types in the comparison?

Can someone give advice on a workaround? The only thing I can think of is a space preceding the number or something…any thoughts on something less kludgey?

Try editing your module and turning on this option in the Global Properties component:


This issue has a long history related to hex grid co-ordinates which can be found in the forums. You are correct, the 0500 is being converted to 500 and then does not equal “0500”.

Turning on this Global Option will store and maintain the 0500 as “0500”, at the expense of efficiency and should solve your problem.



Sweet, thank you. Also, note that there was no problem in 3.6.7.

Yes, that’s because this item was in 3.6.8:

11510: Updated Opt-in version of the ‘Leading Zeros in Integers’ handing

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Yes, we were just finalising the support for this option at that time.

Unfortunately, your module is one of the ones that worked based on loopholes that prevented ‘sensible’ things working in other modules.

The best way to fix this was to isolate all the leading Zero handling off into a single area and have designers turn it on if they needed it.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell which modules would require this option.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


No worries, I understand these things are sometimes unavoidable. Thanks to you both for the prompt analysis and responses!