Recommend a comparable module?

Hello, people!

Well, I’m about to set to work on a module for a game I’ve designed. I’ve been scouring the numerous design documents strewn about the place, as well as searching the forums for questions similar to my own. Still, I’m not finding all the answers that I need, and I know that studying a similar, existing module can often be a good way to go (I’ve already picked up a trick or two from the excellent Battlestar Galactica, for example, though that game doesn’t have a lot in common with mine).

Mine is a two-player card game, with the tabletop separated by a horizontal centre line. The two players place their cards ‘head-to-head’ on their own sides of the table - i.e., your opponent’s cards appear upside-down to you, as do yours to him. However, when you mouse-over your opponent’s cards, it would be nice if the pop-up zoom would appear right-side up, so that you can read them.

Are any currently-existing modules laid out like this? I’m sure this is pretty common, but the various CCGs I know that work this way aren’t currently represented here. Any help you guys could offer would be very welcome! :smiley:

(p.s: apologies if this thread should be placed in the Module Design forum - at present, I can’t see much difference between it and General Discussion)

Is there a reason one player’s cards need to be upside down to the opposing player? Or is this just because they’re sitting on opposite sides of a physical table, and that’s how they are placed (such as in poker)?

Seems like in the Vassal version, you could just have players lay their cards on the main board (that is, the main map window) to compare them. (It’s not possible in Vassal to set up different views of the same map for different sides.)

Alas… the hard truth. :cry:

Yes, that’s the only reason, really.

I wanted the Vassal version to match the tabletop experience as much as possible, but I guess I’ll have to bend on this point. Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

On May 24, 2011, at 6:25 AM, ijthompson wrote:

“mycenae” wrote:

It’s not possible in Vassal to set up different views of the same map
for different sides.

Alas… the hard truth. :cry:

Yes, this is the main problem.

There is only one board view available now. IIRC there is a request
to add this in a future version of Vassal, but I don’t think there is
any timeline on when that may occur.

But it would be a good idea to consider an option to allow such
flipping of magnified views when the alternate board view gets
implemented. It would be a useful feature to have available then.

So in a roundabout way… I have placed this question in the right forum! :laughing: