Recommendations for 3 player games

I’m looking for some recommendations for games that work well for 3 players. I prefer board/counter wargames from the American Civil War or WWII. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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American Civil War:
Pea Ridge (SPI TSS). There are two separate confederate forces.
– Perhaps any large tactical battle where one side is less
coordinated. Think of Antietam, for example. That side,
usually the Union, would have two players who should not
talk to each other about planning.

The Civil War (VG). CSA, US East, US West.
– Strategic civil war with USA theaters split.

Europa Engulfed (Axis, Western and Eastern Allies)
Axis & Allies
Advanced 3rd Reich
– Actually just about any strategic level European theater game.

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Any other recommendations? Anyone? Anyone?

Battle For Germany S&T and Decision