Recover files in a CyberBoard module to use with VASSAL


A question to recover counters eventually player aids in a CyberBoard module different than VASSAL no possible to use ZIP to have elements ! and i arrive to recover only maps because i can save directly with CyberBoard but not other elements have you one idea please ?


I do have a tool than can extract the images from a Cyberboard module if you send me a link to it.

Have you asked the Cyberboard module developer for permission to re-use their artwork?


Thank you :slight_smile: great !

The module i have uploaded on ATO web site for this game Kesselschlacht: Ukraine Spring 1944 | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
but i don’t have link because dead link for the site where they are the modules …and it is enough recent
Here normaly where they are all the modules !

It is for personnal use and no personnal artwork but i have a Dropbox if us can do

Is this the gamebox?

Yep but one error for the link ! sorry :slight_smile:

I have a partially built CB converter tool that I was able to extract the images from some gameboxes I tried it on. Unfortunately, this gamebox is using some features I haven’t catered for yet. so it is crashing.

I’m sorry to say, I can’t help you at this time. It is something I plan to get back to, but have too many other things on my plate at the moment.


Are you trying to get all the images? Just the tile images? If what you’re after is just the tiles, I have some Perl scripts somewhere that can extract those:

You can write out GTL files from Cyberboard, and then will dump those to PNGs.

I have recovered in the module with ZIP player aid and counters don’t interest me they don’t have exact identification as in the game so i cut originals.

And i have save directly the map so i continue and thank you again :slight_smile: