Recruiting for Live VASSAL Formula D play with possible leag

Hi Race Fans

I’ve received enough feedback on earlier inquiries to lead me to believe there may be enough interest in Formula D VASSAL play. I’d like to set up, run, and play in a league with a season, team play, and additional house rules. However, I’d like to run a proof of concept first.

For the PoC, I’d like to run one race with as many players as possible to see how live play goes.

A few details:

: Event will be run on a weekday evening starting around 9pm or 9:30pm Central time (Chicago time). Due to my schedule and life commitments this is pretty reliable, but also pretty inflexible. Sorry if this time doesn’t work for you.

: Will use the advance, in the box rules for Formula D with no modifications

: Will forego optional rules for this proof of concept

: Will use a live voice system like Skype or Google Voice although using it may be optional on an individual level

: New to Formula D? Me too. I’ve only had it a week so no worries all skill levels welcome

: Never use VASSAL? No worries with that either. I can help you get set up!

WHAT TO DO: Sound interesting? Think you can make the time (date to be determined later)? Then please drop me an email at “ty (at) snouffer dot net” and I’ll work to arrange the event.