Red Winter pbem or "live" play

Been really impressed with this game - feel I now know the rules well enough to give it a go via Vassal, either pbem or live. It’s a superb looking map and module and the Company Level combat has a unique blend of strategic and tactical elements. And it’s all simple to understand, but full and deep regarding options. It plays quite fast I feel. Anyone like to give it a try?

Hey X, I’d be happy to play this with you some time.

I’ve played 2 solitaire games so far and feel I have a pretty good grasp on the rules. Strategies, on the other hand…

We can organize a few hours to play live or PBEM if youd rather.

Hope to hear from you, Aaron

Hi there,

Should anybody accept me as an opponent, I’d play this game PBEM. Occasionally live, but seldom. Absolute newbie