Referencing to trait attrs through markers

Say, there are units which are flipped. One would layer for this of course, which would be activated with ^F, Flip command.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if we could define this layer in prototype and the only thing we would need to define on unit level is the individual image for flipped side of the unit? For example by using marker i.e. layer_name_img = name of the image?

Also, if we could use expression builder for dynamic property. Say, again, I have a dynamic property CurrentStrength. CurrentStrength stores current strength (fancy name!) which can vary from 0 to MaxStrength. MaxStrength, of course, would differ from unit to unit. So, again, I’d love to use prototype for that and define only MaxStrength for each individual unit. Much easier than defining dynamic property for each unit. Now, imagine if I wanted to change commands that change values of that DP… With prototype it’s a matter of two mouse clicks.