Refresh Counters?

I notice Tools → Refresh Counters option in 3.2.2. What exactly does it do?

I didn’t notice that. This is just a guess but I’ve noticed that when variables change (Global Properties, Dynamic Properties, etc), pieces that display that property may not show the change immediately or a player may need to select the piece for it to change. I’m assuming this updates the counters to display the proper values. If that’s what it’s for, that’s a nice feature.

Am I right?

The Tools → Refresh Counters replaces every counter that you have access to in the currently open game with the the latest version from the Game Palette. It takes into account the fact that a piece my come from an At Start Stack, a Deck, or a Replace trait. It attempts to transfer the state to the new piece for equivalent traits. It has no effect on counters that have been masked or hidden by other players, or for which the palette entry creating it has been deleted from the module.

I suspected it’s not properties update, even though my initial guess was the same as DrNostromo’s. Sounds like a useful feature for module development, not so much for actual play.