Refresh Predefined Setups - extend to saved games

One thing I have found myself doing a few times is updating a saved game to a new version of the module using the following “kludge.”

  1. Add new “Predefined Setup” with the saved game I want to update to new module version.
  2. Run Refresh Predefined Setups
  3. Save module
  4. Launch Module
  5. Start New game w/ the “predefined setup” of the old save game
  6. Save the game, exit the module
  7. Re-edit the module to delete the setup that was only inserted to update a saved game

It would be great if the existing functionality could be extended to allow a saved game to be specified and updated without having to go thru the kludge of making a temp/fake predefined setup, run the tool, etc.

Or you could just open the saved game as if to play, then run the refresh counters from the tools menu.

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palad0n has it exactly right – if you load the saved game in and then run “refresh counters” from the Tools menu of the module, it will be updated & you can then either save it back or continue playing.

All the “Refresh Predefined Setups” tool does is load in each of the predefined setups for the scenario, automatically run the “Refresh Counters” tool on them, and save them back.

Thanks all, I learn something new every day… Apparently, you can teach an old dog new tricks (but not object oriented programming) :stuck_out_tongue: