Refresh predefined setups in 3.6.1 not refreshing some pieces

My module is here:

The pieces “iron” and “gold” in the iron deck and the gold deck on the private window “Mines” are not being refreshed when I do refresh predefined setups with refresh decks’ properties. No errors or unaccounted for pieces are mentioned in the report.

If I pull iron or gold onto the Main Map and do refresh counters, the iron and gold on the map works as expected, but any iron and gold still on the Private Window “Mines” is not refreshed.

Is this some intended quirk, working as intended, or a bug? Either way, can I update the eleventy bazillion predefined setups automatically, or am I going to have to remake them all manually?


In my world in flames modules, the US entry chits, set up via at start stacks , also do not refresh. I took advantage of the new functionality of the mask trait for mouse over ‘peek’. but these guys do not change.

Fixed for 3.6.2 … it was not updating ANY pieces in decks.

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@palad0n Note that your US Entry chits are actually placed in decks not in At-Start Stacks, which is why they are also affected by this bug. 3.6.2 will have them get updated properly.

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