Refresh predefined setups tool not aware of extensions

Hello developers,
when editing an extension the refresh predefined setups tool does not seem to properly recognize the presence of other extensions.

To reproduce: download the Band of Brothers module and the first two extensions (Ex1 and Ex2). Install the extensions and edit Ex2 (the predefined setups there also require assets from Ex1) and try to refresh the predefined setups. The tool complains that extension 1 is missing also if it is installed. The refreshed setups miss the assets from Ex1.

I don’t know if this bug was also present in previous versions.

Which version are you reporting about here?


A helpful thing you could do for anyone who looks into this bug is determine which is the earliest version where the bug occurs.

apparently from the beginning. the first version I see with the tool is 3.5.2 and the bug is already there.

Hello Giulio,
I will have a look at this one.
Bug 14565 - Game Refresher fails in Editor when editing 1 extension and more than 2+ extensions loaded in the module … i?id=14565

I don’t think there is much you can do about this, iirc you can only edit one extension at a time, no others will be active.

Ok, thank you Brent. Do you think the situation might change in the near future? I mean, refreshing setups with more than one extension loaded can be easily implemented or this constraint is going to remain for a while?