Refresher tool and Attachment Traits

I am using the Attachment Traits by attaching 6 surrounding hexes to a center hex in a 7 hex city. The attachment is set on Auto for attachment in all 7 hexes without enabling Allow Attachment to Self. I have 2 cities that are multi-hex cities where I am using this same procedure and setup. Only the center hex of the 7 hexes looks to the other six surrounding hexes to add one all one dynamic property to a global property for summing of that value. When I start the game anew, everything works correctly. When I refresh an existing game, one of the cities works correctly and the 2nd does not. It is as if the attachments did not attach in the 2nd city after the refresh. Is there a different procedure I should use other than “Auto” to attach the 6 surrounding city hexes to force this attachment with the center hex of the city or is there a problem/procedure with Refresher tool I should know or do. (The confusing part is that one city it works and the 2nd city it doesn’t? Thanks, Jim.

Update on Refresher tool and Attachment Traits: I added the property for the Attachment Trait “_AttachCount” and it shows 3 units attached to one city where 5 should be and shows 0 attached to the 2nd city where 6 should be showing. Thanks, Jim.

You’re right to suspect the refresh tool. One of the dev team might be able to help but they’ll need a link to the module.

Meanwhile, if you are able to try the non-auto mode of the Attachment trait, maybe that will work, or at least it will provide a further diagnostic if it does not.

A workaround might be found with a Startup GKC that triggers the centre pieces to re-assert their Attachment to the surrounding pieces. If this is a hex map with gridlocation on, that might be as simple as an Attachment (non-auto) trait with suitable Fast Match criteria and a Range of 1.

I’ll have a look at that when I am back next week.

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I tried both of your suggestions. Each time the results were the same. I tried setting the attachments to manual, then after Refreshing the last game in progress, the “_AttachCount” produced a count of 8 attachments. I placed a menu item to clear and reestablish attachments. This did not change the number of attachments from 8 to 6 (or in the 2nd city 5) as I was hoping for. Thanks, Jim.

Here’s a link to the game:

The two cities where the Attachment Traits are used are in Leningrad and Moskva. The cities will be under Main Map with the name Leningrad Ctr. and Moskva Ctr. If you run a new game, the Attachment trait works great! If you run the Campaign 1941, the Attachment Trait does not work no matter how I attempted to by using auto or manually entered connections, the results are the same using the Refresher tool. Thanks again! Jim.